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Prepare to Sell

Listing a home is a 2 step process – Preparation and Presentation. And I take care of EVERYTHING.

What To Do To Prepare:

1. Repair and Remodel

Using KW Advisors Concierge Program, the Seller can make any repairs and upgrades with the company’s dollar. No need to reach into your pocket, the Concierge Program will cover all costs upfront. Such as –
Plumbing, Electrical, Landscaping, Cosmetic Remodeling, Painting, Staging, etc.

2. Disclosures and Inspections

It’s best to get all Inspections done BEFORE putting the home on the market, such as – Home/Termite/Roof/and Pool if applicable. Anything and everything we provide to prospective Buyers, to help them make an informed decision, will always work in our favor.
Same goes for Disclosures. Again, my team and I handle all of this.

3. Cleaning, Staging, and Photography

Deep clean the property, even if it is already in spectacular condition. Buyers appreciate it, trust me.
Stage the home from top-to-bottom. Interior and Exterior.
Photograph it! I work with some of the best photography companies in the Bay Area. 99% of Buyers look at photos/videos online. We’re entering 2023, and everything is driven by technology these days. Hence, picturesque photos and well-shot videos, 3D Tour, Aerial shots, and Twilight photos make a HUGE difference.


Presenting the property to potential buyers is VERY important, and that is where I shine. All the preparation would be pointless if Buyers don’t see the home. I’m a marketing savant, and I spend a lot of time and money on – grass-root marketing and online advertising. I host neighborhood Showings and amazing Open House events. I call them “Mega Events” because I create a fantastic and lively atmosphere, very different than your average OH. Preparation, CORRECT pricing, and extremely well marketed home tend to get the maximum attention and hopefully translate into high Offers.

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